Why I chose for the phrase “Just do it”, originates from the time I was still going to school. I got this huge sticker on my bag for school featuring the slogan from Nike: Just Do It!.


Back then I was unaware of the impact this way of interpreting my way of life would be. Although I’ve been living my life in this way for a long time now, just recently I became aware of the fact I was living by it. I found out by looking back on how I approached things, participated in i.e. sports and other activities. This showed me that I’m  applying the “Just do it”-philosophy to a lot of things I’m a part of.

Besides the philosophical approach, it also has a high impact when I use it for my motivation when undertaking activities.  It raises a certain amount of positive energy from within to get myself motivated and ready for a lot of challenges.

So, Time for some action – Just do it!