Choice - Fork in the road..In my life the path I created by my journey through it, is built up from choices I make. Some are wise and some are well thought. Other choices aren’t and mistakes can help you learn to get back on your path. Or at least prepare and warn you for future branch points on which you have a choice.


As hard as the 10th dimension theory might be to grasp, I use this as an overlay on how I perceive the world and my journey called life. Whenever I’m given a choice or have to make a choice. I remind myself that I’m at a branch on my path and I have to decide which way I am going to continue my journey. No matter how hard the choice, or how high the pressure involved, I should not stray. Sometimes it’s hard to remind myself that taking time for a choice to make is golden. But I’ll keep in mind that I do have a certain path in my head with certain goals or possibilities to take into account.


When I’m at a branch point, whether it is willingly or unwillingly introduced onto my path, I also try and consult loved ones & friends on their point of view on a choice if it were theirs to make. Asking them doesn’t push me in the direction they’re pointing. But I’ll forge the best of their advice into an alloy with my own beliefs. It might work against me or take a lot of time to come to a good choice. Personally, this is a way of creating a well-founded choice which I hopefully will not come to regret.

Adjusting choice or keep going?

If I do feel regrets about a certain path I’m walking, I have no problem correcting my path and branch back or into a new direction. For instance when I was about the age of 16 I’d always thought to drive a certain car when I was older and capable of buying it, eventually this did not serve as the only option.

I think of it as a goal that was set under beliefs and circumstances known to me at that time. Later I came to other conclusions and felt that I’d rather have a car for it’s function than it’s status or my past beliefs. So I reconsider the options and even though I might have had the money for it, I wouldn’t have made the choice for that car I thought to be driving when I was younger.

I’ll remind myself through time that choices are mine to make if they involve my participation and don’t stray from my path.