? by Davide Cassanello

“?” by Davide Cassanello

Have you ever had to make a decision, meet a deadline or get something done? Of course you have! But what if you do not see a possible route to the outcome? Maybe it has blurred your vision by complexity, uncertainty of variables or whatever stands in your way of seeing a possible outcome. Your confidence drops, soon you’ll find yourself in distress about it and eventually your thoughts are out of focus and distracted, blurring any possible route even more.

How do you go about and comfort yourself, that for instance ‘this is what your good at’ and mark your worries as unfounded?

tenth-dimensionA few years ago a friend of mine pointed me out ot a video-clip, that really helped me in visualizing a topic that is quite hard to grasp from plain text. By watching this video and trying to digest the theory that was laid upon me, I related some of the explanations to every day life and how to utilize it in a certain way. The topic at hand might be a bit mind boggling and might take some time to penetrate the grey mass, but I will try and put down my theory in words on how I deal with the blurry vision. But first take a look at the video clip:

My theory focuses around the 4th and 5th dimension and I’d like to take two quotes from the video-clip and write ’em down here:

Quantum physics tells us that the subatomic particles that make up our world are collapsed from waves of probability simply by the act of observation. In the picture we are drawing for ourselves here, we can now start to see how each of us are collapsing the indeterminate wave of probable futures contained in the fifth dimension into the fourth dimensional line that we are experiencing as “time”.

So, the long undulating snake that is us at any particular moment will feel like it is moving in a straight line in time, the fourth dimension, but there will actually be, in the fifth dimension, a multitude of paths that we could branch to at any given moment. Those branches will be influenced by our own choice, chance, and the actions of others.

My Theory

Stock Exchange by Travel Aficionado, on Flickr

When I look up the definition of probability; “Probability is a way of expressing knowledge or belief that an event will occur or has occurred”. Reading this explanation of the word, I immediately think of stockbrokers trying to use the probability of certain patterns from history repeating itself. The use it to predict probable outcomes in a way that client and broker both get better from it, based on bunch of historical data.

What they’re actually doing in my opinion, is creating a certainty of a point in the future, on which they base their trust and confidence to act. And this is exactly the thing I’d like to use when my vision of reaching that deadline is blurred out. To explain it in other words, I’d like to compare it to the fact that in the past I have been doing and achieving certain things. Although I might not have always succeeded instantly, eventually my persistence payed off.

On this very ingredient I base my confidence. when the path is unclear. My mind keeps track of time, just like with stockbrokers use history to predict future of investments. Based of my successful achievements from the past, I create a point of certainty in the future. That of the fact I will meet the deadline one way or another, as I’ve shown myself before in other achievements.


By creating this confidence for myself, I believe in the power of myself and get rid of troublesome thoughts that are filling up my grey area. It’s not a fail-safe solution, but it has been helping me a lot to get rid of troublesome thoughts, the ones known to take over your mind and leave you unable to complete any action, let alone make a decision for any choice. The chance and actions of others are somewhat harder to control, but having yourself in control really helped me out in past events of doubt and uncertain times.