Brain Freeze

Whenever I do go out to a fast food restaurant, I usually order a large milkshake. For some reason I seem to think that I can drink a milkshake as fast as any other beverage, which almost every time leads to a Brain freeze. At this moment in time I believe such a Brain freeze should also be able to actually freeze my brain with the current storm that my thoughts produce in the gray matter… How did this storm originate? How am I going to tackle it?

Storm explained

” Storms are created when a center of low pressure develops, with a system of high pressure surrounding it. This combination of opposing forces can create winds and result in the formation of storm clouds.” – Source wikipedia

High pressure system

MCSE(rgb)The past year I have dedicated my evening hours – besides my normal job – to studying and achieving my MCSA and MCSE certifications and with success I might add! Alongside all the learning, there were my other passions which also needed time in these same hours. I created quite the schedule to get all this done and still manage social life on a moderate level.

At the time I achieved both certifications, I felt strongly that a period of rest would really be the thing to cope with the dedication for certification of the past time. This is where the opposing forces are starting to work their way into creating a storm.

Low pressure

The past month I have been laying low when it comes to my evening hours. I still spend time to my passions and really find enjoyment in relaxing my mind for a period of time. Until recently the low pressure area was working out fine, but at my current point this area is creating quite a storm in my head. I believe this is due to the opposing forces are forming a storm.

Combination of opposing forces

My mind has been adopting to the high pressure way of learning and dividing my time over the evening hours. This state of elevated concentration of course can only last so long. But the complete removal of the learning element, surely created a drop in pressure and now in its turn is creating a storm of thoughts varying from innovative ideas to wanting to learn and spent time in sports more – my definition of a brain freeze.

Tackling this storm

This is my brain right now… by iujaz, on Flickr

My way of dealing with situations like these, is to create a new schedule to up the pressure area, currently at it’s low point. I go about doing this by pin pointing each and every thing I want to do with my time and fix a “time spent” to it. Once I’ve marked all the stuff I want to do, ranging from daily grind to specific goals, I pour it into a weekly schedule.

This new schedule isn’t working for me when I’ m being strict to it for 100%, but it serves as a guideline through my week. I should refer to the 80/20-rule for this when saying:

I’m going to use 20% of my energy to get 80% of the schedule done, whereas the last 20% of the schedule will require 80% of my energy to get it done.


The tackling measure is purely in place to bring the opposing forces in a balance and not to fully get rid of the storm. As my brainstorm generates ideas, questions the world, processes the daily impressions and fuels my creativity.