Top_down_bottom_upOne of the questions that an author of multiple disciplines/topics faces is the fact that you would like to attract the right crowd for your writing. At first it would seem logic to create an account for your own name as a brand and aggregate all your news through it. But lately you can spot a trend in how it might be better to not be working top-down, but bottom-up on reaching the your crowd of interested people.


The way this works is that you want to reach the people interested in your specific disciplines/topics. So you’ll have to start at that level to let those people find your specific website/blog. If people are generally interested in the way you bring the news, they’ll start searching for your name and not the specific brand name. On the website or blog about yourself, you redirect people further to the topics you’re also writing about. In my opinion this way of working attracts the people you do want to have as followers, because they’re genuinely interested in the stuff you write.


The reason why I dislike the Top-down way of working, is that people should not be pushed into following all that you do, share, post,etc. Your own stream of news, interests, shared items, posts and other stuff, might look cluttered to people who are only interested in one of the topics you write about. So offering them the option to find your sub-topics in a place of their own, leaves the choice to the reader.

What are your thoughts on this topic? Please share it in the comments…