It seems that only drill instructors posses the discipline skill and have a way with it on bringing their message across to the ones they command. But getting some discipline into your own life and way of living should not be more then setting out the things you want to do and doing them.

Once you set your mind to something, you should go for it and time will aid you in getting the new mindset activated. For instance you want to change the time you start working from 9 o’clock in the morning to 7:30 in the morning. How are you going to go about getting this in your daily schedule?

How it’s done…

In my case with starting early I’d reach my ultimate goal, which is: (during day-time) having more spare time at the end of the day to do things I like. To reach this goal I set out to start early at work and head for home early accordingly. Some of the things you might want to change is the time you head for your bed.

Setting limits or boundaries

I was this guy who would have no trouble going to bed late in the night, working on that last pixel of a picture that needed to be photoshopped. Sometimes ending up going to sleep when the first birds started whistling again… Who doesn’t love their years in college ;), but my working life asked for a different approach. Because you’ll have to be representative, fresh and fit at your job to perform your tasks accordingly.

I was willing to change that by setting some limits to the time I’d head for my bed. So I set my limit to a maximum of midnight, but better was 30 minutes before that. At first I had a hard time believing this would work and the stuff I’d be doing normally would suffer greatly due to this shift.


In reaching my ultimate goal, I had to be strict and disciplined to  myself, but amazingly all it took was two weeks and I had activated the new mindset. Waking up was getting easier, even to the point I’d wake up 5 minutes before the alarm clock. The urge to work late was passing and I found a good way of getting my things done during the day-time. When you look at the plan I’d made, it is simply shifting the period in which I spent my awake hours.

What if your bound to a start time

What if your start time is set for you, you still have options to re-schedule some of the things you do after work time to the morning part. In the past I had shifted my afternoon fitness session to the morning part before work. I had to start at 8:30, thus leaving me with a huge window of opportunity to do my fitness before work. I started my fitness schedule at 7:00 to 7:45, shower and head for work and still be in time. Additional bonus was that I was feeling very fit at work, opposed to what you’d expect. After work I’d have time for all the other stuff I’d used to do after midnight.


All it took to get into both schedules, was two weeks of disciplining myself, after that it was mostly auto-pilot. Only having to put some extra effort after a well deserved holiday, which interrupted the schedule.