Putting things off

To Do List or Put Things OffEverybody has a busy schedule these days and Todo-lists are very common in my personal approach into a busy schedule. But why is it that putting things off feels better then just doing it and get it over with. A term which this behavior also goes by is  procrastination.

On the other hand, when I finally finish that dreaded task that had been postponed for ages, I also feel great about it.

Countering procrastination

I find that making a plan for the week and sticking to it, works best by applying the Just Do It philosophy. Of course plans should always be dynamic, because it would not be an ordinary one if it was predictable ;-). But making such a plan, should focus on setting one or  two goals for the week and the rest should be comprised of tasks or sub-goals leading towards those goals. If the week is comprised of several smaller tasks, then my usual approach is by starting with the most dreaded one. Alternatively start with the low hanging fruit tasks, which will give you a feeling of making progress.

Here are some tips from Leo Babauta on how you can overcome this behavior. Also check out the Simpleology Blog tips and insights on how to change your approach. Another well known term to fight it is the Getting Things Done a.k.a. GTD approach, which has some nifty tricks to organize your life.

Personally I keep my blog title as a guide, but reading these tips helps me prioritize those dreaded tasks & todo’s. So; Just do it!