As I described in my first step into Personal Branding, I’m currently trying to pinpoint my passion, which is to be the foundation of my personal brand. Currently I’m enriching myself with several blog-posts, articles and interesting information to aid in reaching my goal.

After feeding myself with this information, I’m curious about a few things into reaching my goal; how does the passion relate to a Niche and vice versa?


What are the key elements I want people to think about when they hear my name? These elements relate directly to the one passion I want to create my brand with. Can I also turn the recognizable around on these elements, meaning when people encounter these elements, will they think about me; my brand?


A thing I was wondering about is the Niche, which comes into play when creating my personal brand. Should I be worried about finding the niche or even creating a niche for my personal brand? Or will it become clear as I go and thus being the outcome of my personal brand?

Explore and Process

By exploring and self-questioning, I’m hoping to find the perfect answer to my questions; the one thing I’m most passionate about on a professional level.