Being motivated in a natural way or motivating yourself by “forcing” it, is a big difference. In this sense I’m writing “forcing” motivation to indicate the difference between the two ways of motivation, not to shed a negative light on “forced” motivation.

Natural Motivation

Natural motivation is the outcome of doing something you really like to do and enjoying it. Because it all comes natural you stay motivated for a long period without requiring additional motivation (forced motivation). When your having fun at something you do, you’ll see time passing by like the saying; “Time flies when you’re having fun!”

In general one could say that you have to try and find the fun-factor on all areas you to take part in. So if it’s a job, a hobby, or whatever you do; When you have fun at it, natural motivation is almost certainly involved as well.

Forced Motivation

Although forced motivation is not to be seen as a negative way of motivation, it should be used with a common sense of being complimentary to the goal you wish to achieve by “forcing” the motivation.

I think when you (yourself) want to reach certain goals, in anything you take part in, you should set goals and motivate yourself into reaching those goals. When you’ve set a goal for yourself in things you really like to do, motivating yourself will almost be natural. Of course the forced motivation will be necessary to breach certain established barriers.

But when you have to motivate yourself to goals someone else sets for you, in which you can’t seem to find any fun-factor nor support the goal, then a problem arises. At first it will not pose a real problem, as a strong mental side will help you reach the goals someone else wants reached. But when these disliked goals keep coming back, somewhere along the way the fuel will evaporate and reaching these goals is out the window.

In the end

…it’s best to find a job, a hobby, or anything else you do and see a fun-factor when you’re performing it. Otherwise the candle will get smothered and most probably drain energy from you instead of letting your natural motivation inject you with energy!